Secretos del Cielo



With this beautiful album, Sanamsín makes us breathe and feel a sublime breeze which comes from beyond the sun, from a celestial, almost inaccessible place which is very familiar to him, where the most beautiful and absolute luminosity reigns.
This is a wonderful record, full of harmony, mysticism and depth. It begins with a theme which nears perfection, where the flute seems to speak and sing, which reflects the unique and ascending evolution of the artist. Truly exceptional. And it ends with "The Legacy of the Condor͟", which leaves us with a marvelous sensation of hope, by revealing with a simple and joyful touch on the keyboard the secrets of heaven, telling us that, in spite of the clouds that reign today, a splendid dawn is coming for this world, full of love, peace and brotherhood.

* The quality of reproduction has been modifiedin order to bestreamed via Internet andit contains only a sample intendedto provide an idea of the conten

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