The record label Música de Cristal, born in July 2003, and directly dependent on the civil society Manantial de Soles. This company was founded in 1995 by its director Sanamsín Omsandar Saís of Chilean nationality, currently the label belongs to the Spanish company Sembradores de Amor SL. "Sembradores de Amor" is a universal group, not limited in any religion, country or creed, which aims to awaken the conscience of the human being, so that this in peace and harmony, comes to flourish in all its splendor, and at the same time, so that he, in fullness and total freedom, may manifest the sublime potential of love that lies in his heart, according to his virtues and grace.

As part of this awakening of consciousness, Sembradores de Amor has opened some spaces in the artistic field, as it is in the literary field and that of music. In the literary; we hope that through the subtle verses embroidered with silence, the beautiful narrations filled with light and magic, and the teachings of unity that emanate from the heart of the author, and in that of music; through deep music and guided meditations, from the crystalline melodies and beautiful compositions of the artists, to bring to the world a high and luminous vibration of life, and thus also to help the planet to merge with the universe.

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